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    Bridges hosts the CREATIVE CAFE on the SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH from 2PM TO 4PM

    The Creative Café is a drop-in creative session for anyone who would like to work creatively in a social setting exploring different types of media and themes.


    The creative sessions endeavour on being as inclusive as possible and help is available throughout the session to support you in the creative process. If you feel you may need additional support, please bring a friend or family member to partake in the fun.

    The creative task is normally completed within the duration in order to take it home at the end of the session.

    People are asked to please arrive for 2pm so that the creative activity may be introduced shortly thereafter.


    We bring the session to a close around 3:45pm .to share with the group our experience of the creative process. 


    Tea/Coffee is available throughout the session at £1 donation served with complimentary biscuits/cake.
    (No food service is available during the session)

    Participants are kindly asked to make a small contribution of £5 towards the session on admission towards art materials.

    The Creative Café is facilitated by Michelle Redgrave-Moore who has been involved in art & design for the past 25 years and works as both a Therapeutic Arts Practitioner and Graphic Designer. She is passionate about the wellbeing benefits of the creative process for all ages.


    For more information on creative children's parties, creative workshops for adults or one-to-one arts counselling, please call her on 07976 431 786 or visit her counselling website at www.artscounselling.co.uk 

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